Training for todays technology

Senior Lift Expands Technology Training Program Available to Older Adults, Underemployed and Unemployed Persons.


Assist the Senior Lift team to customize the right training options for each participant.

Assist our participants to embrace an attitude to invite change by participating and learning how to receive instruction administered and taught in a virtual training platform.

Assist our participants who lack technology skills to be prepared to function to today’s Digital workplace and society.

Jennell's Interview with TBN (Trinity Broadcasting Network)

Senior Lift is the deliverer of a digital training platforms designed to empower, train, and enable older adults and people who are underemployed and unemployed to become skillful with performing technology tasks. Senior Lift has re-engineered and re-designed our technology platform. 

Our training reflects our passion and our goal is to extend technology training to the Underemployed and Unemployed. Senior Lift believes our expansion meets an essential need today, to prepare people that lack skills to gain meaningful employment and be able to function in our digital and changing workplace. The Digital Divide is broadening as we face the global crisis of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Our expansion continues to focus on equipping older adults in learning these technology skills to assist them with sustaining independence and functioning well in our digital society. Senior Lift’s primary focus has centered around training and equipping older adults to abandon their fears and dislikes for learning technologies in exchange for the opportunity to gain new technology skills that will empower them to become skillful with using technologies.

In appreciation for all our volunteers and supporters!

Over the last 11 years, Senior Lift has experienced the support of many organizations, corporations and participants. It has been a privilege to have done work with a plethora of hardworking and talented folks.



We acknowledge and thank the following for their willingness to partner or invest in Senior Lift. Together, we are helping the gap in the digital divide lessen by aiding others in building important skill sets.

  • Episcopal Place Retirement Community

  • Neumann University/Dr. Rosalee Mirenda, Former President

  • Dr. Eric Wellington
  • Chester Education Foundation

  • Media Friends School, Edward Jones Financial

  • Pastor Keith Echols WOFCC

  • Best Buy

  • PECO

  • Ladesha Jennings, Kay Field, Mark Echols, and Tiffany Wilson

  • Alex and Valerie Hall, Instructors

  • Lauren Clark, Web Assistant

  • In Memory of: Denise Royster, and Arif Zahir