The Changing Workplace

From Chance to Change

Senior Lift’s staff are professionals with vision, experience, and credentials that affirm their qualifications to provide Workforce Development training and Emerging Technology training for older adults, the underemployed and unemployed. For many decades and before COVID-19, the Digital Revolution has been a driving force in our society.  Emerging technologies are associated with every walk of our lives.  COVID-19 is a pre-curser that has created an urgency to set immediate timelines to maximize the implementation of these technology strategies. These strategic moves are designed to infiltrate and dominate our world’s systems.

The old workplace was changing at a gradual pace but suddenly it has moved rapidly to fulfill the needs for technology implementation into every sector of our livelihood. Many of the old workplace structures are being re-evaluated and tested to see if they possess a strong technology foundation to survive and be productive in this COVID-19 Pandemic.  This workplace shifting has brought our work environment into a dimension of a “new normal.”  This “new normal” will affect society in ways that will broaden the Digital Divide.   Digital Divide is the defining moment between the “Haves and the Have-Nots.” Workers who will be vastly affected are the unskilled, the minorities, and others with low-incomes.

What does this 'New Normal' mean to Senior Lift?

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It has motivated our professional team to plan and be prepared to deliver technology training through the virtual platforms for distant learning.  Senior Lift gets the opportunity to re-write and re-design our efforts toward preparing older persons and underemployed/ unemployed people to learn the technology skills needed to enable them to secure meaningful employment that empowers them and improves the quality of life for their families.  New and enhanced technologies are going to necessitate new roles for those who possess the right skills to participate.  Senior Lift has positioned their agency to become a vital player in the role of equipping individuals to move their lives forward and “not be left behind” because they have lost jobs or their current job is requiring a solid background in technologies. The “new normal” will upgrade the trends on how management will monitor the efforts of their employee’s responsibilities, utilizing digital clock in and out, and tracking their daily tasks virtually.  Management will be utilizing video conferencing platforms more frequently as a more accurate means to train and interact with employees.

Senior Lift’s professional team is passionate towards training, preparing and sharing our knowledge to assist those in need of meeting their lifelong career goals. We inspire our participants to think beyond just getting a job, instead we encourage them to focus on their value and their abilities to secure employment that is a part of the cutting edge job market. The changing workforce expects employees to be prepared to transfer their skills from a hands-on physical environment to a remotely virtual environment. Senior Lift’s role is to build a visual and mental compass of hope and direction whereby our participants can understand how they will benefit through welcoming new information aimed to develop new mindsets and new behaviors that will be useful in order to succeed in the changing workplace. Employees must also understand how teamwork is critical and how it is implemented in a digital work environment for team collaboration.

Workforce Essentials (Workshops)

Workshops are available to enhance a successful workplace environment and add job readiness skills for our participants.”

“Senior Lift Facilitates Workshops for Employers to enhance productivity and Unity in their Workplace”

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Work with Senior Lift

Job Opportunities

Senior Lift, a nonprofit Older Adult Digital Training organization, is looking for a WordPress content developer intern that will modify our WordPress website, and create additional pages and content. This is a fully remote position working with management, consultants and Senior Lift’s digital marketing agency. Advanced programming skill is not necessary, but a working knowledge of WordPress and Photo Shop is helpful.


          Virtual meetings with Senior Lift and agency to discuss website design, content and function

          Designing and building the WordPress website front-end

          Work with WordPress themes page builders and plugins

          Conducting website performance test

          Help improve SEO performance

          Strong verbal and written communication skills are required

          Must have excellent interpersonal skills and follow- up skills

          Ability to learn new software programs

          Ability to work independently and as part of a team

          Enthusiastic and passionate about learning about digital marketing

          Contribute to content strategy brainstorms

          Stay up to date on social media trends and popular talent



          Proficiency in WordPress, Microsoft Suite and Adobe Photo Shop

          Some experience as a WordPress Developer

          Knowledge of front-end technologies including CSS3, JavaScript, HTML5, and jQuery

          Good understanding of website architecture and aesthetics

          Enrolled in a full-time degree program such as Marketing, English, Communication, or related

          Good communication skills

JOB POSITION/DESCRIPTION:   Virtual Administrative Assistant

Job Opening Date:                    October 2020

Location:          Job Duties will be performed remotely 

Hours of Commitment:  15-20 hours weekly; required scheduled flexibility that supports workload

Reports Directly to:      Executive Director 

Virtual Administrator performs administrative task to enable Exec. Director to focus on sustaining operations of technology platforms.  Administrative Assistant provides admin. technology support to enhance the program’s mission, goals and objectives.  As needed, the Administrative Assistant will provide support to the entire technology team.

Schedule:  15-20 hours weekly; reserving flexibility to support workload increase 


Job Categories/Compensation:

(1) Internships under academic criteria (Stipends available)

                        (2)  Independent/1099 status – compensation negotiable

                        (3)  Volunteer Staff Welcome!  based on professional administrative background



Assoc. Degree in LAS +2 years providing administrative support

Candidate with exceptional/detailed technology and admin skills will be considered

Internship under academic provision and guidelines.

Will train Intern/Candidate with strong detailed administrative and technical skills

Proficient in Microsoft Office 365, Win 10, Outlook, and contact/management databases            


Specific Job Duties

·       Organizing electronic files – maintain and updating info for participants and staff

·       Creating and Editing power-point presentations

·       Follow-up special projects, team members, contracted staff, vendors and agency supporters.

·       Proofreading correspondence, contracts,

·       Assist in the HR administration tasks for employees and subcontractors

·       Create, manage, email platforms. (Proficient in Outlook)

·       Assist in maintaining website functions and its submittal output

·       Arrange and confirm meetings, special events and travel plans.

·       Assist in accounting/expense/fundraising reports to be compliant with 501c3. (Proficient in Excel)

·       Familiar with video messaging, instant messaging, virtual video platforms: presentation materials.

·       Detailed and analytical oriented, ability to multitask

·       Effective oral/written communication skills, work independently

    Additional Soft Skills a plus!

·       Passionate, patient, and resourceful

·       Excellent listener and apply problem solving skills within their scope of responsibility

·       Organized, time management skills

JOB DESCRIPTION:        Virtual Technology Instructor – Part-time Position
Virtual instructor-led training (VILT) refers to training delivered in a virtual environment and instructor and learner are in separate locations.  Virtual training is a demanding training delivery method is designed to mimic the traditional classroom learning experience.  This type of distant learning technology classroom is conducted synchronously or asynchronously. Potential instructors must have prior knowledge and experience in the technology course they select to facilitate.
Job Opening Date:        October 2020
Location:          Job Duties are performed remotely
Reports Directly to:      Executive Director or Lead Instructor
Hours of Commitment:             15-20 hours per week/unless otherwise specified
Position Categories/Compensation:   (1) Independent/1099 status – salary negotiable

                                                                      (2) Student Internship –   stipends available                                                
                                                                      (3) Volunteer staff welcome! (based on professional admin experience)
Reports Directly to:      Executive Director or Virtual Learning Lead Instructor
Qualifications/Education and Experience
Undergraduate Degree or 3+ years Equivalent Technology Teaching Experience (certificate/accreditation a plus)
College Intern (Technology/Teaching majors) Knowledgeable of Win 10, Office 365, iPhone, Android
Primary Job Tasks, Duties and Responsibilities
Confident and highly knowledgeable in their course/subject area they are teaching
Familiar with Zoom Classroom Platform and Resources
Work closely in monitoring and setting goals for Coaches
Establish and communicate clear objectives for all learning activities, familiar with resources and relevant technologies
Prepare lesson plans, coordinate schedules and assigning the formats for participant group activities
Encourage, empower and Monitor students’ progress and achievement.
Proficient in using Interactive Whiteboards to facilitate active participation and increase interaction
Proficient in using Screen sharing software to walk learners through the process and check progress on an assignment.
Responsible for organizing training sessions and provide follow-up of classroom activities.  This include participant profiles that include homework assignments and class attendance.
Skilled and comfortable speaking to a camera; Reviewing the material before a session and maintain your flow without awkward pauses.
Instructors perform a test run, comfortable with the training tools and know how to troubleshoot technical issues.
Lead online discussions of the course material via forums and web chat
Tracking and recording student attendance; Instructors will follow-up attendance issues in email 
Assign group participation formats, administer homework and practice assignments
Detailed oriented and ability to use analytic skills to observe and evaluate student’s performance
Provide rapid responses to student comments and questions posted online or email
Demonstrate compassion and commitment to the students
Develop activities that compliment active learning experiences
Prepare classroom for class activities
Establish orientation of course objectives, goals, and ground rules
Available for Team meeting and workshops as assigned
Demonstrate compassion, commitment and patience working with participants
Time management skills, Excellent oral and written communication
JOB DESCRIPTION:  Virtual Teacher Assistants/Coaches
A teaching assistant/coach works alongside the classroom teacher providing support and reinforcement through working with individual students or small groups. The objective is to maximize the functioning of the virtual classroom. Under the direction of the Virtual teacher. Knowledgeable of Win 10, Office 365, iPhone, and Android
Job Opening Date:        October 2020
Location:          Job Duties will be performed remotely
Hours of Commitment: 15-20 hours per week/unless otherwise specified
Position Category/Compensation:         (1) Part-time Paid Hourly/compensation negotiable/training available
                                                            (2) Student Internship under academic provision –  will train
                                                            (3) Volunteer coaches or retired coaches Welcome! 
Reports to:       Virtual Lead Instructor or Course Instructor
Main Job Tasks, Duties and Responsibilities
Basic knowledge of how a virtual classroom is facilitated
Reinforce lessons presented by the classroom teacher, reviewing material and assist students individually or in groups
Provide additional learning support to students when needed under the direction of Instructor
Monitor and support participants with technology resources available in the virtual platform
Assist with the implementation of lesson plans and learning materials
Assist teachers prepare for lessons by getting materials ready, setting up equipment and arranging the classroom environment
Assist the classroom teacher in directly observing and recording performance and behavior
Help maintain order in the classroom by ensuring students adhere to accepted rules and regulations
Maintain the classroom environment in an organized and orderly manner to ensure an optimal learning experience
Assist in the created displays of the students work, discussing homework and other classroom activities
Assist with maintaining student records including attendance and grades
Provide feedback to the classroom teacher on the student’s progress and development
Attendance at team/staff meeting as scheduled
Education and Experience
2+ years of classroom coaching experience
Associate Degree from an accredited college/university is a plus
Internship under academic provision/stipend available
Volunteers are also Welcome! required basic knowledge of technologies
Soft Skills and Competencies
Effective communication skills – verbal and written
Assist in the team effort
Patience, adaptability, respect for diversity, team-work player, organizational and planning skills